The benefits of using shower water filter systems

Water Filter
Using a shower water filter is usually a good idea in most locations. It can remove pollutants from the water and make it safer to use on a regular basis.

One reason to use a shower water filter is that water supplied by most cities contains many different contaminants. Some of these are chemicals deliberately introduced into the water during the purification process - chlorine is a common example. In fact, the chlorine level in water supply in certain regions is high enough to turn sterling silver black!

Coming into regular contact with chlorine and other chemicals through shower water can cause many health problems.

The skin is the largest organ in the human body. Just as the skin releases moisture through its pores to cool the body, it can also absorb water (and other substances) into the body. This means that the chlorine and other pollutants in water can get into your body when you shower or take a bath!

Nor is this the only way chlorine can get into the body. Water used for a bath or shower is often heated and in this process, the chlorine is released as a vapor. The vapor gets into the lungs during shower or bath time and can aggravate asthma and other respiratory disorders. Even those without any particular respiratory or allergic condition will be adversely affected by inhaling chlorine vapors.

Chlorine has the effect of making the skin and hair unnaturally dry. It robs them of their vitality and tone thus producing a prematurely aged appearance. Long term exposure to chlorine can damage the liver and kidneys, along with other body organs.

These are excellent reasons to consider using a shower water filter. But there's more.

The water is some regions is said to be "hard". This means the water has a variety of dissolved chemicals present in it. A shower water filter can reduce the degree of "hardness" of the water and make it healthier to use.

Other regions have what is called soft water. This type of water makes it very difficult to rinse soap off. You may have experienced this problem in your own home or at other locations - shampoo takes an irritatingly long time to remove from your hair, or rinsing soap off your body is a time-consuming affair.

A shower water filter can correct this problem to a large extent. Once you install it, you will discover that shampoo disengages from your hair much more easily and soap can be washed off without using up large quantities of water. Also, you will no longer have to deal with a sticky residue on your skin at the end of a shower.

There are several options available for getting filtered water in the shower. One of the simplest is a filter that replaces your shower head - they are easy to install and reasonably effective. These filters can improve water quality by absorbing contaminants including chlorine. These types of shower water filters come in a wide range of styles and you can find one to fit in with the rest of your bathroom.

The filters in these systems should be replaced according to the schedule recommended by the manufacturer - typically every six months or so. If the water supply is highly polluted or if the shower is heavily used everyday, the filter may need to be replaced more often.

Given that most water supply systems do not provide pollution-free water, installing a shower water filter makes plenty of sense.